Tuesday, July 20, 2010


stuDiorama is a home based mini studio. We are currently growing as an art studio in which specialize making diorama, miniature and movie props. Our custom made art works are suitable for any of your purposes. No matter what genre type of a collector you are, we provide an optimum service yet negotiable variety products for your own convenient.

Most of our artworks are handmade. We do realize that every person likes to have something that is different from what other people may have. We provide a custom made art works and use only premium materials for better results. But we always open for a discussion if you have a pressed budget. Our design process begins with a brainstorming ideas between us and the client, this way we could translate our client’s imagination into a conceptual sketches.

Some of our products are already exhibited at several local events and published in medias. Our products come with a custom wooden, resin, acrylic, plastic base at your own choice, in the near future we will attach a metal plated stuDiorama signature and glass or acrylic cover box cover included if you pleased.

So what are you waiting for? Your collections have been longing to be displayed in an exclusive proper way. We are willingly to discuss and ready to visualize your own imagination.

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