Friday, April 30, 2010

The Making Of Star Wars Universe Diorama

These pictures show our steps from preparation, production process and displaying the diorama. The group consist of three architects (Gautama Oktavidya, Achmad Syakir and Syahirul Akbar) and one product designer (Gegi Dharmika). Although we have a different professional backgrounds but we do share the same passion in action figures and Star Wars.

These architects (with the black shirts) were not familiar in making diorama before. So it was my call to transfer all of the knowledge and skills that I had in a very short period of time. But most of them had experience in making architectural scale model during their college years. So it wasn't difficult at all to direct them how to twist in making diorama. Although it was a bit pressure for them when I showed them some of the "how to paint" the diorama. Especially the effects painting technique and bringing all the lifeness effects in the diorama.

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