Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Star Wars Battle Scene for Order 66-SITH (Star Wars Indonesian Trooper Homebase)

This is my latest diorama project which I developed a few months ago for HelloFest event held at Balai Kartini, Jakarta, Indonesia on December 12th 2009. This project was assigned by a good friend of mine Riza Satyagraha. He wanted a battle scene diorama between Jedi & Sith. Since he had so many figures from different collection editions we had trouble at choosing the story at first. The other hard part was when he wanted all of his collections to be displayed at the same spot. So finally we decided to twist the story aside from the original Star Wars story with silver lining Star Wars Universe. The idea was a massive battle diorama between Jedi Knights & Siths with a detailed planet Tattoine scenery. But I didn't get what he wanted at first, after several meetings and brainstormings we came up with two conceptual sketches. I developed this diorama with a group of four people including myself, it was a two weeks full of fun crafting days. This diorama also exhibited at the 6th Jakarta's Toys & Comics Fair 2010. If you want to see this diorama please come and visit Toyzone Shop at Jl. Bangka 5D Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia.

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